LTPK LT-QGB900E Semi automatic aerosol paint spray can refill filling machine 4 in 1

Product Item:LT-QGB900E
Voltage 220V/380V (Used for air compressor)
Productivity 800-1200 cans/hr
Dimension (L*W*H) L1600*W590*H1500mm
Weight 300KG
Category:Full Automatic Filling Machines


1,QGB900E aerosol filling machine 5 in 1, is with five functions :

Aerosol cans pushing forward automatically ,liquid filling ,valve correcting, valve crimping ,

propellant gas filling QGB900E aerosol filling machine 5 in 1 includes a booster pump, which is separated from this machine.  

2,The liquid filling system has the function of automatically inhaling liquid, which can fill high viscosity medium , 

and we can adjust the volume of filling. (high viscosity medium such as paints, polyurethane foam sealant for black and white material); 

3,The valve sealing system has a high precision sealing head, large capacity cylinder, even if low air pressure 0.25-0.3MPa, 

can also have a high quality sealing effect.  

4,The propellant gas filling system mainly used for propellant such as (CO2 ,butane gas,nitrogen ,

Freon, dimethyl ether and 134a, etc.) ,Corrosion resistance.Main seals are imported. Applicable to all kinds of aerosol filling valve. 

5, Booster pump with large capacity two-way booster,So filling fast, accurate.and can effectively remove 

the gas from the liquid raw material.  

6,Widely used in the field :Mousse, Hair spray, Air fresheners, Insecticides, Disinfectants, Fire extinguishing agents, 

Carburetor cleaner,Sunscreen Spray ,Nasal spray, Cosmetic Spray Evian ,Perfume Spray,shaving foam ,Spray paint.... 


Technical Parameters

Usage   Aerosol can filling 

 Product process  Aerosol can pushing forward→liquid filling→valve correcting→valve crimping→propellant gas filling  

 Application  Chemical, Food, Medical,Beverage 

 Automatic Grade  Semi-Automatic 

 Driven Type  Pneumatic (Driven by compressed air) 

 Voltage  220V/380V (Used for air compressor) 

 Power  5.5KW  (Used for air compressor) 

 Dimension (L*W*H)  L1600*W590*H1500mm  

 Weight  300KG 

 Filling capacity  0-1000ml (can be customized ) 

 Applicable Aerosol Can diameter  35-70mm 

 Applicable Aerosol Can Height  70-330mm 

 Productivity  800-1200 cans/hr 

 Applicable spray can valve  1 inch (25.4mm) 

 Working pressure :      0.5-1.0 MPa 

 Maximum Air Consumption:   0.6 m3/min 

 Machine Material  Stainless Steel 304  

 Warranty  18 Months