Vertical Gel Filling Machine for High Viscous Fluids

Power: 1.5kw
Production: 20-30 bottles/min
Bottle Neck Diameter: below 4mm
Bottle Height: below 10mm
Filling Nozzle: 1 set
Dispense Capacity: 50-500ml
Dispense Accuracy: +/-1%
Dimension: 450*500*1450mm
Working Method: Pneumatic
Weight: 60kg



1) The machine enclosure and chassis are all made of stainless steel and magnalium material, so the appearance is beautiful, clean and healthy;

2) Provide manual and automatic functions, and these two functions can switch quickly.

3) The connection adopts ready-package loose joints, which is simple and fast in dismounting and cleaning;

4)pneumatic components are used imported products, its performance is stable and reliable, excellent quality;

5).the filling and quantitative devices rapid loose joint, easy to dismantle and clean, simple to adjust filling volume.

Vertical filling machine3.jpg