LT-1150D Automatic Manual Label Stripper Label Machine

Product Item:LT-1150D
Outer Diameter: < 9.84 in / 250 mm
Inner Diameter: > 0.98 / 1.97in (25 / 50 mm)
Label Length: 0.12-5.9 in / 3-150 mm
Label Width: 0.16-5.5 in / 4-140 mm
Category:For Round Shape


About this item

  • Intelligent Induction: Our label dispenser detects and dispenses various labels quickly because of the automatic sensor. After removing the first label, the second label will be sent automatically, peeling multiple rows of brands at a time. It avoids unstable factors in artificial operation and enhances working efficiency.

  • Automatic Counting: Counting range: 0-999999, the 6-Digit LED will clearly show the numbers of dispensed labels, convenient for automatic labeling. In addition, this automatic label dispenser is easy to calculate the labels, and you only need to press the button If you want to restart counting.

  • High Compatibility: There are two adjustment knobs on the label applicator to adjust the length and speed. Labeling Speed: 1-8 m/min. Besides, the two snap on the bracket can control the loading rollers to meet the different sizes of labels. Available label length: 0.12-5.9in; Label width: 0.16-5.5in. Inner diameter: > 0.98/1.97in; Outer diameter: < 9.84in.

  • Durable and Security: This automatic label machine is constructed by a stainless steel frame and aluminum alloy loading roller. The high-quality material is solid and stable, not easy to be deformed. In addition, the built-in fuse provides overload protection, and the transparent sheet ensures the labels are smooth from scratches.

  • Wide Application: Our roll label dispenser has a compact size to save space and can be used by multiple users at the same time. It is suitable for assembly line labeling in electronics manufacturing, food processing industry, pharmaceuticals, logistics and plastic package industry, etc.


Technical Parameters

  • Model: LT-1150D

  • Voltage: 110V

  • Display: 6-Digit LED

  • Counting Range: 0-999999

  • Labeling Speed: 1-8 m/min

  • Inner Diameter: > 0.98 / 1.97in (25 / 50 mm)

  • Outer Diameter: < 9.84 in / 250 mm

  • Label Length: 0.12-5.9 in / 3-150 mm

  • Label Width: 0.16-5.5 in / 4-140 mm

  • Item Weight: 9.92 lbs / 4.5 kg

  • Item Dimension: 8.3 x 11.8 x 11.4 in / 21 x 30 x 29 cm

Machine Details

Automatic System

This label dispenser employs electronic control system, so the second label will be sent out automatically after the label is taken out. The automatic sensor can quickly detect and strip the label.