LTPK LT-60 Semi Automatic Flat Surface Labeling Machine

Product Item:LT-60
Working speed About 25-50pcs/minute
Min. label size W3*L4cm
Max label size W6*L12cm
Label roll inner diameter 75mm
Category:For Flat Surface Bottles



This LTPK LT-60 Semi Automatic Flat Surface Labeling Machine  is suitable for labeling various plastic/glass/metal square bottles and flat surface with self-adhesive label.It's electric and pneumatic driven,high performance,can do more accurate positioning,widely used in cosmetic,beverage,food,medicine etc,it is an ideal label equipment which can improve the productivity effectively.
1. Effciency is as high as 60 pcs/min
2. Labeling head upward and downward ,front and behind can be adjusted ,and satisfying the nends of different objects.
3. Good labeling effect, no crease.
4. Can woek with the single machines , also the flexibility to work with production line.


Machine model LT-60 

Voltage 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz 

Power 120W 

Working speed About 25-50pcs/minute 

Labeling accuracy ±0.5mm 

Min. label size W3*L4cm 

Max label size W6*L12cm 

Label roll inner diameter 75mm 

Max label roll outer diameter 300mm 

Machine size About 510*600*320mm 

Package size About 660*350*555mm 

Net weight/Gross weight About 27kg/32.5kg