LTPLK LT-009 Automatic Soft Tube Paste Filling Ultrasonic Sealing Machine

Product Item:LT-009
Hopper Capacity 30L
Filling Range 6-60ml/10-120ml/25-250ml
Filling Accuracy ±1%
Capacity 18-28pcs/min
Category:Tube filling sealing machine



Introducing our new automatic tube filling and sealing machine! Equipped with a tube loading station and pick and place station, the machine efficiently transfers tubes to the tube orient station where color-coded identification ensures accurate positioning. The filling station features a piston pump and material hopper, while the sealing station uses ultrasonic technology to cut and code each tube with a unique production date. Then the pneumatic trim station is where the top of the tube is trimmed to create a clean and professional finish. Finally, the unload station releases finished tubes from the star wheel. Save time and increase productivity with our reliable and user-friendly machine.

Technical Parameters

Model LT-009

Voltage 220V/110V, 50/60Hz 

Power 2.6kW 

Hopper Capacity 30L 

Filling Range 6-60ml/10-120ml/25-250ml 

Filling Accuracy ±1% 

Capacity 18-28pcs/min 

Tube Diameter 16-50mm 

Tube Height 70-210mm 

Cutting Method Ultrasonic, 20kHz 

Air Pressure 0.6Mpa 

Application Aluminum-plastic soft tube,plastic soft tube 

Machine Material Stainless


Net Weight/Gross Weight About 450kg/555kg 

Machine Size About 1615*1400*1590mm 

Package Size About 1610*1760*1860mm