LTPK FXJ-4030 Electric Hot Box China Carton Packaging Automatic Sealing Machines

Product Item:FXJ-4030
Power Supply 1800W
Working Speed 20-40boxs/min
Width Of Adhesive Tape 36-72mm
Max. Packaging Size 300*400mm
Category:Carton Sealing Machine



【WIDE ADJUSTMENT RANGE】 - The case sealer is designed with adjustable supporting arms. It allows the device to seal cartons with a wide range. Sealing width:3.2"-11.8"/80 mm-300 mm. Sealing height: 3.5"-15.7"/90 mm-400 mm. The sealing length is infinite.

【FAST & NICE ENCAPSULATION】 - The carton sealer has a powerful motor (180W) to ensure high-speed working. Besides, a brush close to the cutter makes the tape adhere to the carton's surface so that they are sealed quickly and tightly.

【GREAT MOBILITY】 - The box sealer is equipped with four lockable wheels that improve its mobility while ensuring its stability. And the height of the machine's stand is adjustable; you can easily adjust it according to your needs.

【4 ADDITIONAL TAPES】 - The automatic case sealer will come with four adhesive tapes in total. That makes sure that you won't run out of tapes right away. And 2 side roller brackets, an accessory package are provided for your convenience.

【EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE】 - The double-flap case sealer features high quality and high efficiency. It's widely used in food, department stores, pharmaceutical chemicals, express delivery, and other industries


Technical Parameters

Model: FXJ-4030

Sealing Width: 3.2"-11.8"/ 80-300 mm

Sealing Height: 3.5"-15.7" / 90-400 mm

Sealing Length: Infinite

Working Table Height: 28.74"-34.64"(adjustable)

Speed:1000+ standard boxes per hour

Power: 180W

Voltage: 110V

Tape Width:30/45/48 mm

Machine Size: L1060*W660*H1010 mm